Safety and Education

ABATE of Illinois urges all motorcyclists to ride responsibly and take an accredited rider training course.

We support the education of motorcyclists and the general motoring public as the most effective method of reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities.

ABATE of Illinois' Motorcycle Awareness Program was developed with the new and inexperienced driver in mind, and teaches them how to look for, and interact in traffic with motorcycles.

It takes one full class period to present and consists of a video, oral presentation, question and answer session, and a short quiz. This all makes for a full and fast paced class period that hold's the students' attention like little else.

The presentation was developed from materials supplied by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Illinois Dept. of Transportation, the Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program of Greater Illinois, and the Safety and Education dept. of ABATE of Illinois. In addition to the awareness presentation, interested students are provided with information on "Rider Education" courses.



The "Ride Smart" program





Was developed in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Transportation. A.B.A.T.E. asked IDOT to work with us to get to the root cause(s) of the motorcycle crashes.

The presentation incorporates all of the root causes and discusses them in detail. The program reviews many positive riding choices to help the motorcyclist be better prepared for their next ride.

A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois is offering at no cost to any organization in Illinois a "Ride Smart" presentation.




Safety and Education - Downloads


Listed below are forms available for download to be used by instructors in our Motorcycle Awareness Program.

Presentation Manual

Presentation Report

Chapter Summary Report

Classroom Quiz

Supply Request Form

S&E Supply Inventory & request form

Blind Spot








Rider Education Courses
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