FEDPAC Committee


Chairman:Elizabeth Winters,

Phone: 847-505-9017
Email: abateilfedpac@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Jim "Legs" Korte,

Phone: 618-973-9180
Email: legs50@juno.com

BIO for Jim “Legs” Korte
Secretary: Elizabeth Winters,

Treasurer: Cindy Lannom,
Phone: 618-826-4009
Email: fedpactreasurer@yahoo.com


Trustee: Mike Scovel
Phone: 815-557-8525
Email: mikes@willcoabate.org
Trustee: "Hunter" John Harris,
Phone: 309-678-8613
Email: hunterjohn69@comcast.net

Bio for John "Hunter" Harris

Advisor: Dan Harper, Legislative Coordinator,


Advisor: Todd Vandemyde, Lobbyist,
Email: TVANDERMYD@aol.com


Advisor: Ryan Hubbard, State Coordinator,
Phone: 309-267-0606
Email: freebirdeyan68@yahoo.com


Jim “Legs” Korte

  • State Coordinator ABATE of Illinois 2005 to 2009
  • Assistant State Coordinator ABATE of Illinois 1998 to 2000, 2004 to 2005 and 2015 to present.
  • Southwest Region Coordinator ABATE of Illinois 1996 to 1998, 2000 to 2004 and 2014.
  • Chair of Bylaw Review Committee - current.
  • Previously Southwest Region Rep. on the ABATE of IL Bylaw Review Committee.
  • Founding member of ABATE of Illinois FED/PAC. Trustee from 1995 until 2003
  • Re-appointed to FED/PAC December 2009 to present. Co-Chair.
  • MRFPAC Chair 2012 to Present.
  • MRF Member Relations Director 2012 to 2014.
  • Appointed to the MRFPAC in 2011.
  • Member of MRF committees: Legislative, Funds Steering, Reps & Growth, MRFPAC Awards.
  • MRF State Reps. Rep. 2009 to 2012
  • MRF State Rep from 2005 to 2012. Appointed again in 2016.
  • Founding member ABATE for MO.
  • Founding member Illinois Off-Highway Vehicle Association.
  • President of the Piasa-Gateway Chapter 1998 to 2004
  • ABATE of Illinois Board of Directors Rep. for Piasa-Gateway Chapter 1993 to 1996
  • AMA Eagle.
  • Also member of FORR MO, KMA/KBA, ABATE of IN, MO, WI.

John "Hunter" Harris

My name is John Harris also known as Hunter John joined in 1990 and have been an ACTIVE member of ABATE of Illinois since 2003. I have been assistant state legislative coordinator for over ten years being very active in the fight to protect motorcyclist rights and freedoms on and off the road. I am on both State and Fed Pac committees also ABATE representative to Department of Natural Resources and ABATE representative to AMA district 17. I also set on the Bylaw committee and who knows what else needless to say very passionate and active in this organization. I believe in protecting our freedoms our rights and the biker way of life and I am a big believer in BROTHERHOOD.





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