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ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTs HB3538 - Poker run/Gaming bill

ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTs HB105  - Blue Light Tail Light bill

HB4105 Blue Dot Tail Light bill passed the Illinois House today 15 April (114 - 000 - 000)

2015 April Legislative Newsletter Report

Governor signed our Accent Lighting Bill which legalize riding
with the special effects Accent Lighting in the on position.
This will greatly improve our visibility especially when riding at night
and will help in avoiding accidents

Just remember we can not use Blue or Red lights while riding nor can any
lights flash off and on or oscillate.
Below is the link to the bill:

Accent Lighting

2016 January Legislative Newsletter Report



HB4320: See Language. IDOT was excited over this bill as their legislative people said this will get the funds released for the CRSTP.

Dan Harper has been appointed as an Assistant State Legislative Coordinator. We need inside people who know the legislators in C. County to help get that county back in the Poker Run Bill.

ONDGO2: We need more response to the Legislative Alerts that go out. We have to make those calls when asked to do so that is a big part of our strength.    There needs to be MORE members filling out the “WITNESS SLIPS” when asked to do so.                                            We have a pathetically low turnout on this issue.

I understand some are not around a computer 24/7 but I give you the direct link to the page you need. Its simple!   On Jan 11th at 9am there will be a refresher course at the Stratton Building on the General Assembly Web Site for those that want to get a head start on the seminar breakout session. There is room for 12 members that want to brush-up on the site before the seminar. If you want in call or email me for a spot.

State Seminar: Legislative breakouts are all in the same room in a row. This will save set up time as we can use the same projector/screen.    1st hr will be Elizabeth Winters, Amanda Gotte, and Hunter on lobbying interacting with your Local, State, and Federal officials.      
                                                                                                                                                            2nd&3rd hrs will be Rich KinKade and the General Assembly web site training. This year we will have BILLS to work on. This is a 2 hr  class. Bring your laptops and I-Pads/Electric Note books.   4th hr will go back to Elizabeth, Amanda, and Hunter for those that missed the 1st hr.

ELECTIONS: There will be a large # of races our friends will be in and we need to make sure we service them with help where ever needed and both our PAC’s need money to work with. There will also be a large # of “open races” as a lot of state legislators will not be returning so we need to be out there making friends with those candidates that your PAC says are worthy of your help.

Legislative Day-March 2: I expect a large turnout of legislators due to the up-coming Primary Election and the General Assembly’s own band play at our reception. I am also looking for a LARGE turnout for our own members as well. Those legislators come in there looking for their own constituents. Be there for them. Every chapter should have NO LESS than 2 members in attendance. Help them out with some gas money and a little money for lunch if they can’t afford it. Check out the Flier. We need donations for this event. The band we are having will not cost ABATE of Illinois anything.

The event itself is expensive so all donations will be greatly appreciated.

State House Inn – (217) 528-5100 a block of 35 rooms are reserved starting Jan 1st. If they fill up early I will ask for more if they are available. Get on board early. See flier.

D. C. Trip: Elizabeth Winters is heading this trip. I just got hold of the new calendar and the trip will leave April 24th and return on April 30th. Go to our web site to apply for the D C Trip. We will not take “couples” as we are looking for members from different congressional districts and who attends our State Seminar and our Legislative Day.

We want members who are politically active and interested in our freedoms.   We want to have the trip members selected and confirmed by the end of Jan or early Feb at the latest. The earlier we book the flights the cheaper they are. Apply for the trip but make sure you really can and will commit to it.We need members from the Cook County area as most of the legislators, both state and federal, have their districts in the Cook County area but yes we need members from this whole state as well.    Representation is based on population and the majority of ours is in Cook County. We would like 6-8 members on this trip if we can afford it so the more donations the DC Trip gets the stronger we are in DC.   Check out our web site!

Off-Road/AMA Dist. 17 – Hunter John

Ride Safe and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  See Ya at the Seminar



2015 December Legislative Newsletter Report


Our main concern right now is the status of the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program (CRSTP). Down in the southern part of the state the program at SIU-C is telling us that they are getting ready to close the shop except the Program Director if they don’t receive their funding and even close the doors in April if it doesn’t have funding.

Some may say they don’t need it during the non-riding months but in those months all the mc’s get serviced and repaired for the following season. There also has to be paperwork on all the mc’s to show they were all serviced/repaired in case there are any crashes/injuries in the new season. They have to show they were in great working order.

Todd and I have both been working on trying to get the funds released. I have contacted all the leadership of both chambers on “both sides of the isle” with ph calls and letters and asked some legislators and Chiefs of Staff to contact the main office in Carbondale and ask them to hang on for a while longer.

I had contacted the Gov’s office in September and had asked for the funds to be released but was turned down.

State Rep. Dave Harris is trying to run HB4320 which would open the dedicated funds up to go to the purpose they were designed for. It is assigned to the House Executive Committee but has not been posted (given a hearing date) but the House is not going back to session until Wed, Dec. 2nd.

When it gets posted I will put out an ONDGO2 alert for all to act on. We are being held captive even though we are “A” political in nature. We should not be used as Political Pawns in a Political Game of Chess.  
These funds that we want released came from you wallets and purses of Motorcyclists and only us through our registration fees and “L” & “M” classification fees.

When the ONDGO2 goes out in a couple weeks everyone needs to call the ph #’s on the committee.

Todd and I are also working with the Secretary of State (SOS) office in trying to tweak the definition of a motorcycle which will help to keep Autocycles in their own classification. The current definition reads:     (625 ILCS 5/1-147) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 1-147)
    Sec. 1-147. Motorcycle. Every motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding an autocycle or tractor.
(Source: P.A. 98-777, eff. 1-1-15.)

At our state seminar this year we will have the General Assembly (G.A.) Web Site Training again but this year we will have some bills to play with in the class. Last year was a failure on my behalf as there were no bills filed yet as we entered into a new G.A. (99th). This will be a 2 hr class with your computers/I-Pads/Notebooks. The Northfield has WI-FI.

On each end of the G.A. Web Site breakout session there is a 1 hr session on “How to Lobby Your Local/State/Federal Legislators andOfficials”.

This way they are all lined up in the same room and one after the other so you can still attend other sessions you’re interested in.  This year I still “Challenge” everyone with a $25 check to your STATEPAC and FEDPAC but I also “Challenge” everyone with getting just (1) new member to join ABATE of Illinois. Both our PAC’s will become stronger with the contributions and that is what is needed. There are MRO’s who still don’t have a STATEPAC and there is only one other that has an active FEDPAC and that is Minn.

We have always been blessed with members who had the foresight and resolve to put our organization to the head of the list of Motorcycle Rights Organization’s (MRO’s) and keep us there.

When you come to the state seminar you will hear the list of our greatest members who went “above and beyond” for us all.

Ride Safe

2015 November Legislative Newsletter Report

The biggest thing to report on is that there will be a LARGE amount of current Illinois state legislators not running for another term in the Illinois Senate or House due to 1 reason or  another (their choice).

This is where we stand up and shine!

We have the ability to help our current friends who want to return by collecting signatures to get them on the ballot.    Then we help by putting yard signs together and getting them out and in place in our community.     We also go door to door for their cause and tell the community why this person would serve them well in the seat they are seeking.

This is also the time we can meet the “newbies” and tell them who we are and what we can do for them as well.

Each one of our chapters have members in them that know the ropes on what needs to be done. Members such as Mike Gallagher, Neal Toepher, Pauli Ward, Ernie Steele, Jim “Legs” Korte, “Hunter” John Harris, Kat Connors, R.O. Olsen, Ry Heck, Dennis “Skinny” Kinnikin,.  Those names are just a very small example of our seasoned members.    Get with the seasoned members in your chapter and let them know you are ready to help with keeping our favorites in office and making friends with the “newbies” that are running. We will need their help when it comes to keeping/maintaining and acquiring “rights and freedoms” in our world.

Even better call your favorite legislators campaign headquarters in your district and tell them you are anxious to lend a hand

This is how ABATE of Illinois climbed the ladder to become one of the very strongest mro’s (motorcycle rights organization) in the country but it wouldn’t take much to lose this distinction. (1) Lax election cycle could bring us all down, don’t let this happen

Have a good fall riding season but be careful of farm implements and 8’ tall corn blocking your vision of rural intersections.

NEVER EVER pass a farm implement (combine, tractor/grain wagon in front of you when you know there is an intersection or an entrance to a field. We lose bikers all over the country when we get in too big a hurry.              

Be Safe Out There



2015 September Legislative Newsletter Report

I am asking everyone who has or has access to a computer to please sign up for the “NEW” ONDGO2. Just goggle in abate-il.org/ then just click on the “Sign Up For ONDGO Alerts” and follow the directions. Rich Kinkade has made this more streamed lined and as soon as Pauli, Ryan, or myself put out an ONDGO it goes to those who are signed up. If you were signed up for the old ONDGO you MUST resign again as he cannot just add you to the list. This electronic alert program along with your Ph. calls and the electronic witness slips on the General Assembly are very efficient ways to let your legislators know our issues and where we stand on them. 

The only thing that will come to you will be Legislative Alerts, Our office closing dates, and B.O.D. meeting cancellations. No Spam (sorry spam) (lol), no pop-ups, just pertinent information concerning your organization. for  



HB3944, Accent Lighting bill was signed into law on 8/3/15 and is Public Act # 99-0242. This will allow you to ride with your accent lighting in the on position which will help as being much more visible at night helping to reduce a lot of t-bone/angular collisions. ;
You are not permitted to ride with Blue or Red accent lights but all other colors are legal.
Blue and Red lights are acceptable while you are parked. All lights must be pointed down toward the motor and drivetrain and street. They cannot be pointed straight ahead or behind nor to the side,

HB3539 Poker Run bill was sent to the Governor on 7/22/15 and he has 60 days to either sign or veto it but if he doesn’t do anything it will become automatic law on 9/23/15. When this bill gets signed we need to try to get Cook County included in this language.

ABATE OPPOSES HJR 89 - HJR 89 is a resolution to President Obama to reverse an EPA decision on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has been re-assigned to the house committee on Agriculture.
This resolution would ask President Obama to tell the EPA to mandate more ethanol into the market which would either be to put more mid-level blends (E-15) or do less E-0 (non-ethanol) fuel.
In this country we have hit the "Blend Wall" which means there is no more room for ethanol to be blended in the nations gasoline supply due to cars and trucks getting better MPG and there-by using less fuel and the use of all electric cars which don't use any fuel. This is why the EPA went and cut the # of gallons of ethanol in the fuel supply.



The US Senate has passed language on the new Highway Bill which has language that excludes money for motorcycle only checkpoint funding, the down side of this is it was only for 3 months. This is the reason we have to keep working on bills such as US Senate bill S. 127 and US House bill H.R.1861 which would make it law that mc only checkpoints are illegal regardless if it was in the Transportation Bill or not.

US House Bills

H.R. 21: To provide for a comprehensive assessment of the scientific and technical research on the implications of the use of mid-level ethanol blends, and for other purposes.

H.R. 1861: To stop motorcycle checkpoint funding, and for other purposes. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Illinois House Committee members: Cheri Bustos, Rodney Davis, Daniel Lipinski. Illinois cosponsors are Bob Dold, Adam Kinzinger, Peter Roskam, & Randy Hultgren

H.R. 2526: To require automobile manufacturers to disclose to consumers the presence of event data recorders, or black boxes, on new automobiles, and to require manufacturers to provide the consumer with the option to enable and disable such devices on future automobiles.
House Energy and Commerce Committee -
Illinois Committee Members
: John Shimkus,
Adam Kinzinger,
Bobby Rush,
Jan Schakowski
Only 1 Illinois cosponsor: Rodney Davis

If you don't see you're US Congressman listed on these bills please call them and ask them to sign on to them

US Senate Bills:

S. 127: To stop motorcycle checkpoint funding To prohibit Federal funding for motorcycle checkpoints, and for other purposes, Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation, No Illinois Committee Members and NO Illinois Senate cosponsors

S. 766: Driver Privacy Act of 2015: To limit the retrieval of data from vehicle event data recorders, and for other purposes. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, No Illinois committee members, NO Illinois Senate cosponsors

The reason I listed these Federal bills again is because the Federal Legislators are OFF the first 6 days in September. Please make appointments to sit down with them and talk about our need to get legislators to sign on as co-sponsors and to get these bills passed.

The Meeting of the Minds will be in Milwaukee Sept. 24th – 27th. I hope to see many of you there to learn from and support the MRF. It will be a great place to be. www.mfr.org for details.

Our Favorite candidate for the 18th Illinois Congressional dist, is current State Senator Darrin Lahood. ABATE of Illinois is sad at the thought of losing him from the Illinois State Senate but we are elated that he has a very good chance of representing us in the US Congress. Members of the 18th dist. please get out there and work for him. Spend a few hours and put together some signs and put them up, walk door to door and talk him up to your neighbors, walk with the man in any of the parades he will be attending. That isn’t much sacrifice for a true friend of ours. Having that LaHood name carry on in D.C. is a win/win for us. The General Special Election is Sept. 10th and make sure you vote!!

Remember our Brother in Tenn, Ed Domine is asking for our help in over turning their mandated “adult helmet law”. 


Look around this issue for how to help them with a couple of letters to their legislators. It would be great to be able to ride down there with CHOICE.



2015 June Legislative Newsletter Report

It’s getting late in the Illinois Legislative session and we still need to get our bills in and through senate committees and onto and through the Senate floor.

Our Accent Lighting bill is going to be heard this coming Tues, May 12 in the Senate Transportation Committee at 5pm and I expect it to do very well but our other 2 bills seem to be stuck in the committee on “Assignments” and they have to be out of committee by Fri, May 25th and I have some concerns so I will be trying to get to speak personally to Senate President John Cullerton. He is not an easy person to get to sit down with. I have had 1 sit down with him and I consider myself to be lucky to get that.

The 2 bills I am concerned with are the Poker Run language change (HB3538) and the Blue Dot tail light bill (HB4105).

Our DC Trip members are back after a very successful week in DC. We had some major concerns with with NHTSA putting the stats of Auto Cycles in with motorcycles with a few phone calls from State Senator Darrin LaHood they had a sit down with major staff members of NHTSA over our concerns and they acknowledged we had legitimate concerns and agreed something needs to be done before the autocycles are to widely spread around the country.

Along with Autocycles they talked on issues such as H.R. 1861 (reintroduced to the 114th congress) along with its sister Senate bill S. 127 – Motorcycle Only Checkpoints, S. 766 – Black Box Privacy Act, HR. 21 – Ethanol Blended Fuel, along with issues related to Federal Transportation Agency Lobbying Ban, Outside Agency Interference, I.R.S. and their relations concerning 501 (c) 4 organizations.

A big Thank You to the MRF team Jeff Hennie and Tiffany Cipoletti of the MRF for their help.

Jeff went on most of the trips made and sat down with Elizabeth and Judy in the NHTSA meeting.

I am quite sure this autocycle issue was brought up at the Heartland Steam MRF conference in N. Dakota this past weekend and I know it will be at the Meeting of the Minds conference in Milwaukee this late September as it will be on our MRF and our Federal Agendas.

NEWS FLASH: Our Accent Lighting Bill HB3944 went through the Senate Transportation Committee at just about 6pm and it was an “Agreed Up on Bill” which means all members were good with the bill and went through unanimously without discussion. That is the way we like it!!

Still working to try and get our other bills to move but no luck yet nor with getting in to see Senate President John Cullerton.

I hope to have you better news on these 2 bills in the future.

I Hope to see you all (at least a great many of you) at the next BOD.

Ride Safe, Ride Free



ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS HB3538 - Poker run/Gaming bill

Synopsis as Introduced:
Amends the Raffles and Poker Runs Act. Redefines "poker run". Allows bona fide not-for-profit organizations to be licensed to hold poker runs. Provides that the governing body of any county shall (rather than may) establish a system for the licensing of organizations to operate poker runs. Makes changes concerning which organizations shall be issued poker run licenses under the Act and the purposes for these licenses. Removes the requirement that poker runs by an organization be under the supervision of a single manager designated by the organization and associated bond requirements. Makes changes in provisions concerning records. Makes other changes. Effective immediately.  

Talking points are:
This bill language will make it easier for county governments to understand the Poker Run Gaming Act and allows not for profit organization/clubs to do poker runs to make themselves financially fit in order to do poker runs for Charities. This bill just makes it easier for not-for-profit clubs/organizations to help people who are in need of a helping hand and Charities such as March of Dimes, Shriner s, St. Jude’s and other national and municipal charities such as local food banks, shelters for battered women, “Special Olympics” and other civic organizations. This is what Bikers do best – Helping those in need. There is NO known opposition to this bill

The link for the Illinois House Members is below, please use this and make those calls for a "Yes" vote!


PS: Give this info out to all you friends even if they are not members and ask them to make the calls and also to members who might not have a computer. Give them the appropriate phone numbers to use. Then ask them to Join Us!!


Our Accent Lighting Bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Committee of Transportation, Vehicles and Safety on Wednesday, March 18, at 10 am in room 115 Capitol Bldg.

ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS HB3944
Short Description: VEH CD-MOTORCYCLE ACCENT LIGHT - Rep. Thomas Bennett - Bill Mitchell - Anthony DeLuca, Jehan A. Gordon-Booth and Keith Wheeler
Synopsis As Introduced : Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Provides that a motorcycle may be equipped with auxiliary accent lights, including standard bulb running lights
and light emitting diode pods and strips. Provides that the auxiliary accent lights shall not be red or white or oscillating, rotating, or flashing lights. Defines "auxiliary accent light".

(a) A motorcycle may be equipped with any number of auxiliary accent lights, including standard bulb running lights and light emitting diode pods and strips of various colors.
(b) The auxiliary accent lights allowed under subsection (a) of this Section shall not be red or white or oscillating, rotating, or flashing lights.
(c) For the purposes of this Section, "auxiliary accent light" means any lighted lamp or illuminating device placed upon a motorcycle, other than head lamps, spot lamps, auxiliary driving lamps, signal lamps, or hazard warning lamps.
(1) Accent lighting are the small colored lights tucked in on the underside of motorcycle gas tanks and frames. We are looking at legalizing them to be operating while the bike is in motion. They do not interfere with operator eyesight and will actually help in the reduction of bikers being “T-Boned” at night with the extra lighting which will reduce Fatalities and Deaths. The bill increases visibility of motorcycles, especially at night.
(2) Unlike automobiles and light trucks which are required to have side marker lights or wrap around headlights / tail lights which are visible from the side, motorcycle lights are often only visible from the front and rear and do not have the same illumination as automobiles;
(3)NHTSA published a report on the effectiveness of side marker lights on motor vehicles. The report concluded that side marker lights are a cost effective safety device which reduce the number of nighttime angular collisions that occur in the United States.
(4) Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, have passed similar legislation and motorcyclists from those states are currently riding on Illinois roads with similar lighting. It makes sense to give Illinois motorcyclists the same safety tools that out of state riders already use in other states.
(5) Missouri and Virginia are also currently in the process of legalizing these lights.
(6) In 2014 there was a 22% drop in motorcycle fatalities vs. 2013 fatalities in the Illinois and we feel this will be another way to drop our fatalities’ even lower by being more visible at night.

ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS HB3944
Transportation Committee members link: http://ilga.gov/house/committees/members.asp?committeeID=1604
The list of House members and their phone # are: http://ilga.gov/house/default.asp
EVERYONE Make those calls and fill out the electronic witness slip to show your support. Its easy! If I can do it then anyone can do it!

Go to the General assembly Web Site: http://ilga.gov/  Scroll down to GA Dashboard in red letters - OR just click on the Link Below and it will take you to the Witness slip itself.When you get to "III Position", check PROPONENT. When you get to "IV TESTEMONY", check "Record of APPEARANCE ONLY"
Electronic Witness Slip link: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/90158?committeeHearingId=12524&LegislationId=90158&HCommittees3%2F19%2F2015-page=1&committeeid=0&chamber=H&nodays=7&_=1426209735384&GridCurrentCommittees-page=3

Make your calls then fill out that WITNESS SLIP Please

Bob Myers
Legislative Coordinator
ABATE of Illinois,Inc.

We now have a US Senate bill, S 127, which forbids the US Sec. Department of Transportation from giving to states and state agency's money that would be used for "motorcycle only checkpoints". The bill was filled by US Senator Jeanne of New Hampshire and has bi-partisan support.
We have had that luxury here in Illinois for a few years and now we need the whole nation of bikers enjoy this 
Talking Points are:
H.R. 21: To provide for a comprehensive assessment of the scientific and technical research on the implications of the use of mid-level ethanol blends, and for other purposes. This bill is from Wisconsin Congressman James Sensenbrenner.  is the new ethanol bill that takes the place of last year’s bill that calls for the "Independent and Comprehensive" testing of E-15.
Let’s do our part to get this bill passed and get this stuff tested and tested properly with an "Independent" and "Comprehensive" test.
We are not anti-ethanol but just want this fuel tested to make sure it is safe to use.

Call your Congressman/woman and be respectful when speaking to them!

S. 127: A bill to prohibit Federal funding for motorcycle checkpoints, and for other purposes.
Valuable Tax dollars should not be used for only stopping motorcyclists or any singled out mode of transportation. That's just not right and discriminatory.
Motorcyclists are just as likely to have insurance and properly licensed as other motorists
Those dollars used for check points would be better spent on motorcycle Safety and Education to reduce accidents and fatalities.
Call your Senators!

The link below will give you all 17 Congressional members and both US Senators.

Right now just call your congressmen and leave the calls to you Senators when it becomes their bill.

Keep this link handy as you will need it in the future

ALSO, I got 10 more rooms added to our block of rooms for the 3rd & 4th of March for our Legislative Day.

You must get your rooms by FEB. 17th or the block will be taken down. Right now there are 17 rooms rented out of the 30 room block. 13 rooms left, HURRY!
They are cheaper than what I pay on a daily basis.

This is our most important day we have and the gun owners don't have theirs the same day either

Call and get a room and have some good camaraderie with your friends.

State House Inn
102 E. Adams
Springfield, Ill.
(217) 528-5100

Another close motel with lesser rates are the
Homestyle Inn and Suites, just a few short blocks North of the capitol
500 N 1st St, Springfield, IL 62702
(217) 522-1100

Bob Myers
ABATE of Illinois, Inc.


2015 Federal Legislative Agenda


Make sure motorcycling education stays in federal programs.
Monitor NHTSA, NTSB, CDC and all other federal
bureaucracies’ activities – especially in lobbying the States on
issues not in line with ours.

Highway Safety

Work with federal and state highway officials to remove
dangerous guardrails and to replace them with structures less likely to injure motorcyclists.

motorcycle safe materials for highway use such as high friction reflective striping.

federal blackmail of states on transportation issues.
Support the lobbying of federal safety agencies to focus on ‘Crash Reduction” and not “safer crashes” Monitor plans for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Environmental Controls

Oppose restrictive standards that unfairly reduce engine performance, increase costs, and/or limit the production of custom motorcycles. Oppose national efforts for mandatory motorcycle inspections Support and encourage all smro’s to lobby their state legislators for a resolution that supports the passage of H.R. 875 and like legislation.

Right to Repair

Support legislation and treaty language that protects the right of owners and their mechanics to use aftermarket parts and tools to maintain motorcycles.

Riders’ Rights

Support governmental action that enhances motorcycle use on public highways and lands and Oppose governmental action that would tend to diminish such use.

Oppose federal grants for motorcycle only checkpoints and Support legislation which would forbid federal money from being used on motorcycle only checkpoints.

Support legislation which would require manufactures to disclose the presence and location of an event data recorder (commonly referred to as a “black box”).

Oppose all legislation and moves by legislators and government agency’s regulation that would “Mandate” helmets and other so-called safety apparel. Oppose all federal legislation and government agency’s regulation that would penalize states that don’t have helmet laws.

Oppose all anti-gang legislation that would negatively impact motorcyclists.

Health Care

Monitor HIPPA and watch for loopholes that allow nonpayment of claims while engaged in legal recreational activities such as motorcycling. Work with all states as well as AMA & MRF to accomplish these goals.

Bills ABATE is following

113th Congress H.R. 875 - PDF

113th 1861 Co-Sponsor - PDF

113th S. Driver Privacy Act - PDF

113th S. 2078 No MC Check Point Funding - PDF

113th H.R. 2414 IL Co- Sponsors - PDF

113th Congress Second Session  - PDF

113th US Senate Calendar - PDF



Chicago Muffler Ordinance SO2013-9451 - PDF (2104)

Chicago Sound Ordinance - City Clerk - PDF (2104)



113th Congress H.R. 875 - PDF

ABATE of IL Supports HR 524 - PDF

NMMA Letter on IL SB 52 - PDF

SAHU DOE Analysis on SNRE-1 - PDF

Notice the Organizations that are against E-15 - PDF

OPEI Comments on IL SB 52 - PDF

AAA CEO Urges Suspension of E15

E15 Study - PDF

NMMA Overview on E15 Study - PDF


Governor Signs - SB 3312

The Governor signed into law June 10th, SB3312, our Poker Run Bill, PA 98-0644
You may know go to your county clerks office and apply for a permit to hold your poker runs and that permit capped at a max $25 will cover all stops no matter what county your stops are in.

Groups that are Not-For-Profit may do non-charity events to keep themselves financially sound.

There are no minimum or maximum amount of stops  per event.
There must be a go to person in charge OTHER THAN YOUR TREASURER  
Felons cannot be in charge of the money matters and records must be kept and available for 3 years

Take a copy of the law to your county clerks office for discussion.

The PA 98-0644 has not been listed on the General Assembly web site so the Senate Amendment 3 above will work as that is the bill that passed.

I highly suggest that when you get your permit that you photo copy it and give a copy to all your stops to prevent other state agency's from giving those stops a hard time/hassle.

I want to thank all those members that showed up and also all the Shriner s that came and that have been so supportive

SB3312 Signing Photos



ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS - SB 3312 (as amended)
w Revenue and Gaming, and Liquor Commissions.     Senate members link below.
We will still be working to amend the wording on this bill as it moves along.

ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS - SR 634
Our Senate Ethanol resolution has hit a bump in the road. I was told that the UAW was in opposition to our resolution.
Why they are I don't know but Todd and I are trying to find out.
Those of you who are in the UAW Union would you check around and ask about it and get back with me.
We are trying to protect the current cars they are building and the ones they are driving now!!
below is the link to the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee. Call them and ask them to get the bill out of committee and on to the senate floor so all can have input on weather to pass this or not.
America deserves the right to know if E-15 is good or bad!!

Then call your state senator from the senate member link and ask that they push the AG committee to put the bill up for consideration (passage to the senate floor).


SB3290 & HB4223

Abate of Illinois - SB3290 & HB4223 action alert

ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS both SB3290 and HB4223

State Senator Pat McGuire (43rd) has filed SB3290 which we need to support
Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Premises Liability Act. In a Section concerning off-road riding facilities, exempts owners or operators from civil and criminal liability arising out of or as a consequence of noise or sound emissions resulting from the use (instead of "normal use") of the off-road riding facility.
The bill full text link is below

It is pretty much self explanatory, a no-brainer.
This language will help to protect race tracks even better noise issues and will help immensely in defending them those kinds of attacks from anti-motorsports type individuals.

Talking Points:
Please call your Senators on the Judiciary Committee and ask that they vote yes on SB3290
The committee link is:


We also need to file electronic witness slips for this committee. Click on the link below, go to SB3290 then on the far right and click the last box to file a witness slip. The 1st box shows who has submitted a witness slip!

If you haven't filled out a witness slip yet now is the time to do so. We need as many as possible, I mean thousands of slips.
Below is the link to the members of the subcommittee:

Subcommittee Members

Call those members, get their ph's ringing off the hook.
We need this bill out of subcommittee and into the the Revenue and Finance Committee.

Talking Points are:
Motorcyclists jump at the chance to raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves whether they are for individuals or Charity Organizations.
We never ever had a problem on poker runs till state liquor and gaming agents started telling our business they would get fined/lose there license if they would hang up poker run fliers in their businesses.
We thought we had it fixed last year but was put in the Charitable Games Act under the control of the Dept of Revenue, which for poker runs will not work for us, our charities and the State of Illinois as a whole.
We must move this bill to the full Revenue and Finance Committee then on to the House floor. We ask for your full support in fixing this problem

HB 4223 will be heard Thursday morn at 9am in the Finance Subcommittee of the House Revenue and Finance committee. The bill link is below.

The Sub-Committee members are below:

Subcommittee Members


Call those members, get their ph's ringing off the hook.
We need this bill out of subcommittee and into the the Revenue and Finance Committee.
Talking Points are:
Motorcyclists jump at the chance to raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves whether they are for individuals or Charity Organizations.
We never ever had a problem on poker runs till state liquor and gaming agents started telling our business they would get fined/lose there license if they would hang up poker run fliers in their businesses.
We thought we had it fixed last year but was put in the Charitable Games Act under the control of the Dept of Revenue, which for poker runs will not work for us, our charities and the State of Illinois as a whole.
We must move this bill to the full Revenue and Finance Committee then on to the House floor. We ask for your full support in fixing this problem

Make these calls. The power to move this bill is in all of us. It has to pass to survive.


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