Reasons to Join A.B.A.T.E.

1. ABATE of Illinois is the only organization in Illinois that Lobbies in both our state and national capitols for your “Rights, Freedoms and Needs”.

2. We brought about the FREE “Cycle Rider Safety Training Program” which is one of only two in existence in the U.S. that are free and we fight to protect it so that our children and grandchildren will have the proper place to learn how to ride on the road safely.

3. We have kept your “Freedom of Choice” on wearing helmets by defeating 55 mandatory helmet bills for adults and youths alike, 5 this year and 7 last year. This also lets you raise your children the way you want to without government interference.

4. We helped defeat the law that would have prevented our youth from being able to ride and have OHV for ages 12 and under, the “Lead Law Ban on youth OHV’s”

5. We have prevented certain areas of government from banning us from riding on roads and highways that were built/maintained with funds from gas taxes.

6. We have disagreed with our governors and have 4 Veto Overrides to our credit with the last one on Nov.10th of 2011. No other SMRO can lay claim to that record.

7. We passed a “Search and Seizure” bill which protected you from your bike being seized, torn down and returned to you in boxes after several years.

8. We passed a bill that would “grandfather” off road parks and race tracks from sound ordinances.

9. We have gotten the Illinois State Police to stop all “motorcycle only checkpoints” effective late May 2011.

10. Next year we will go after laws that “outlaw” motorcycle only checkpoints for any and all law enforcement agencies, legalize “vertical license plates”, and “raise handle bar height restrictions” We have already been negotiating with the Illinois State Police over these issues and all we need do is come up with language that is agreeable with both sides. They know we have the votes to get them. T

11. There are to many reasons to list here but check out our "Resume”.

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