Date: 16 Mar 2013
From: Bob Myers Legislative Coordinator

Call all House Judiciary Committee Members and Ask Them to VOTE YES ON HB 2253
Tell them to help us and IDOT try to keep the Fatalities and Crashes down.

We SUPPORT - HB 2253 - Rider Safety Training Site Liability Exemption
Amends the Cycle Rider Safety Training Act. Provides that a property owner whose property is used for conducting a cycle rider safety training course is immune from civil liability for injury, death, or damage to property except where an injury, death, and property damage is the result of the owner's willful or wanton failure to warn against a dangerous condition.

Hearings Judiciary Hearing Mar 20 2013 8:00AM Stratton Building Room C-1 Springfield, IL Civil Process and Procedures Subcommittee Hearing Mar 20 2013 8:08AM Stratton Building Room C-1 Springfield, IL

I spoke with the sponsor of HB2253, Rep. Ken Dunkin this AM and he said he will make a phone call and have this bill put back in committee, now we all need to work this whole committee.- Bob

Talking Points:

(1) The Cycle Rider Safety Training Program is in big trouble as it has lost at least 14 classes for 2013 over the last 2 years due to the property owners not wanting to be held liable on accidents that happen due to no fault of theirs.

(2) As we all know everyone is not made to ride a motorcycle and at times on the course they may drop or lay their bike down and break a wrist or ankle then a lawsuit is filed and the property owners are included. Even if they can't be sued, as the state owned properties (schools), under state law they still have to have lawyers take them out of the suit. The same goes for private businesses. Someone gets hurt by falling over, dropping the bike then the property owner gets wrapped up in a law suit.

(3) This bill is all about trying to save lives by reducing accidents and injuries. With less classes less people will be trained and those that don't get trained are more likely to jump on a bike and just hope for the best.

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