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December Legislative Report - PDF
prepared for the DEC 14 Board of Directors meeting

The meeting was canceled due to bad weather

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IL State House and Senate resolutions urge Congress to pass H.R. 875 to scientifically determine the effects that E-15 will have on internal combustion engines of all types.

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There seams to be some confusion out there over a bill that was created with very good intentions and that is HB3694 which would put the "Poker Run Act" into the Raffle Act. If this were to happen we would be left to the mercy of countless municipalities and 102 countys on their thoughts on getting their fingers on money me...ant for other purposes. This would possibly be the 2nd best place as of now.

As of now we are looking to "exempt poker runs from the criminal code definition of gaming". Todd feels this is the most simple answer (Todd is our lobbyist)

Until we make a decision this is where we are at and we hope to end this mess this fall session so we can have a clean start to the new riding season.

I will also be putting out an ONDGO next week on the Ethanol Resolutions that we are going to run this fall session.


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Response on "poker run" issue?

Some folks have asked:
Could this be as simple as not calling our events 'Poker Runs'?

That isn't the problem. It is a game of chance in the Charitable Games Act but not for long. We have legislators on this as we speak and Todd (ABATE Lobbyist) has a meeting with Rep. Bradly who chairs the Revenue committee. It will be fixed this fall session.

All the legislators knew the intent of this bill and we will get what we need. Thanks for inquiring on this and please pass this around to all.

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Please read the news article then call your US Congressman!!!

ABATE OF Ill urges you to contact your Representative in the United States House and ask them to co-sign this letter to the CDC. The larger the number of co-signers the greater impact it will have. Please contact your Representative at the United States Capitol switchboard which can be reached at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to co-sign the Petri CDC motorcycle letter. The deadline for co-signing this letter is close of business Tuesday, October 8th. Please act fast.

13NR30 - MRF News Release - The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Announces Letter to the CDC from the United States Congress.

Bob Myers

I was told Wed that ABATE of Wisconsin had voted to do a resolution in their state government to support Congressman James Sensenbrenner's bill HR 875 for the "Comprehensive, Independent testing of E-15.

There are other states asking me for our info so as to take it back to their smro for the same purpose.

This is one of the reasons that you, ABATE of Illinois, is a Leader in state motorcyclists rights activities.

I will give you in mid October an ONDGO asking you to call all your legislators and ask them to vote Yeah to support our resolution that supports the passage of HR 875.

Again: we are working on the "Poker Run" act and should have it resolved by Nov 7th if not sooner

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All: We have had a toe stub on the Poker Run issue

I had a meeting last week with Rep. Rich Brauer, George Tinkham, @ Dept. of Revenue.

The Dept of Revenue told us that there will be rules to the Poker Run act. and they both said that we would come under their jurisdiction and that our businesses/stops would have to buy a license/permit and each stop on the poker run would have to do this as well. Each bar restaurant could only do 1 charity event per month for 8 months a yr.

I replied that the Ill. Dept. of Revenue would be "Stealing" money from "Widows and orphans",

stealing money from little baby's with leukemia,

stealing from 90 Yr olds who lost their homes in fires or floods

stealing money from Charity Organizations.

stealing money from Veterans Organizations.

stealing money from us and the rest of the "not for profit"category.

Besides the above they will also be cutting their tax revenue going to the state

We never saw this coming

We will fix this. We need to exempt this law from the Ill Dept. Of revenue, the Illinois Liquor Commission and the Illinois Gaming Commission We have Todd, Legislators and their staff working on this problem now as I hope to get this taken care of in this fall session. Hang in there

Bob Myers

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Multi-Issue Update / Alert - Includes a Call To Action

ABATE of Illinois SUPPORTS HB 1539- Calls Needed
Non-Police Traffic Control bill which Senator Munoz picked up for us will be heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday, May 7, at 5 pm in room 212 at the capitol.

Ask your congressman to co-sponsor H.R. 875
To provide for a comprehensive assessment of the scientific and technical research on the implications of the use of mid-level ethanol blends, and for other purposes.

Update: 01-April-2013

The General Assembly was out of session the last week of March and the 1st week of April and this break was really needed.

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Call to Action - HEARING MARCH 20
We SUPPORT - HB 2253 - Rider Safety Training Site Liability Exemption

Call to Action - HEARING MARCH 19
WE OPPOSE SB 52 and the Brady amendment
The Senate Ag committee is going to hear SB 52 on March 19 at 1 pm, rm 212 at the Capitol. SB52 is the ethanol bill that will start the phase out of our E-10.

We do not want this stuff out in the market until we get congress to mandate a comprehensive, independent study of the effects that E-15 will bring to our motorcycles and cars and trucks.


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We have 2 new Federal Bills out to support.
Alert 03-MAR-2013
Relates to E-15 fuels

OFF Road Action Alert
New Law - Illinois Dept. Natural Resources

View / Search Bills from previous General Assemblies

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