Officer Job Descriptions

It's that time of year again. Time to elect chapter officers. The following are the job descriptions for each position for those who are interested in running


Prepares the agenda for all chapter and officer meetings. Schedules and presides over all meetings. Is the Chapter Representative on the ABATE-IL Board of Directors. Represents LLA and has a vote at ABATE-IL Board of Directors meetings. All ABATE-IL business should be summarized and presented to the Chapter. Lead by example when in the public eye. Make decisions in the best interest of LLA. Represent LLA at functions. Promote interest in the organization and the chapter. Promote the mission statement as set forth by ABATE-IL. Ensure that LLA efforts and moneys be used to promote motorcycle safety, motorcyclists rights and the growth of ABATE as a whole. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Vice President

In the absence of President presides over officers meetings and chapter meetings. Represent LLA at ABATE-IL Board of Directors meetings upon request of the President. Represent the best interest of LLA and officiate at functions as needed. Promote interest in LLA. Coordinate special projects when asked. Attend officers meetings and chapter meetings. Along with President, discuss proposed programs that each officer wants to implement, gaining input and approval from fellow officers. Keep all chapter officers informed of what is going on within each officer’s department. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.


Keep accurate minutes and records of all meetings. Type minutes and furnish to all officers in a timely manner. Copy minutes for distribution at chapter meetings. Create formal communications on behalf of chapter upon request. Attend monthly officers meetings. Help at chapter functions.

Newsletter Coordinator

Create and layout newsletter. Layout advertising for advertiser if requested. Label and deliver newsletter to post office. Promote advertising and collect money, ideally ads should be enough to pay for newsletter. Abide by deadlines to mail. Write newsletter for state newspaper, if agreed upon by officers. Attend monthly officers meetings.

Legislative Coordinator

Work closely with state legislative coordinator and abide by state legislative coordinator’s decisions and policy. Monitor progress of bills pertaining to motorcycling. Obtain roll calls on bills and keep track of what legislators vote for and against us. Initiate letter writing and phone call campaigns to legislators when needed. Attend fundraisers and/or get others to attend, also. Establish network of members who will contact their legislators. Keep membership appraised of legislative activity. Contact candidates for their position on legislation affecting motorcyclists. Prepare “voters guides” for members for elections. Organize support for elections campaigns. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Public Relations Coordinator

Good communication skills required, with the ability to present a good image in the public eye. Contact the media for upcoming events by writing and distributing press releases. Purchase advertising space as required. Prepare and distribute news releases, fact sheets and photographs to media representatives to publicize the organization’s activities or message. Prepare and distribute to public officials in area towns the proclamations for May being Motorcycle Awareness Month. Represent LLA during community projects and at public, social and business gatherings and act as the spokesperson for the organization when requested by the President or E-Board. Promote goodwill through speeches, exhibits, films, etc. Coordinate with legislative, activities and other directors when needed. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Membership Coordinator

Create and implement membership drives and incentives to increase membership. Check state membership list for accuracy against chapter list. Accept and process applications, renewals and change of address forms. Distribute temporary membership cards, if needed, and other pertinent material to new and renewed members. Make available membership applications at all Chapter events. Attend chapter meetings. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Products Coordinator

Obtain ABATE-IL products through state office products coordinator. Order, sell and maintain an inventory of ABATE-IL and LLA products. Collect and record all moneys from sales. Prepare monthly financial report for the officers’ meeting. Has control over selection to be sold with Executive Board approval. Controls pricing merchandise; except ABATE-IL products which are pre-priced. Set up products table at all Chapter meetings and functions. Solicit volunteers to staff products table. Make arrangements for the sale of products in your absence. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Safety & Education Coordinator

Promote motorcycle safety programs to motorcyclists through the ABATE-IL program. Promote motorcycle awareness to the general public. Coordinate and arrange for training of volunteers to teach and to schedule the safety program to the high school drivers’ education programs at all area schools. Work in conjunction with ABATE-IL Safety & Education Coordinator. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Activities Coordinator

Plan and coordinate chapter events which promote camaraderie of the members, as well as events for fundraising for the good of the chapter. Work with newsletter and public relations to prepare, duplicate and distribute flyers for events. Place flyers in chapter newsletter and at the discretion of the coordinator, in ABATE-IL newspaper. Submit LLA events in advance for the ABATE-IL calendar. LLA events must not coincide with ABATE-IL events. Request volunteers and form committees to take charge of events. Enlist chapter members to help at events. For parades of large groups of riders, notifies proper authorities and obtains proper permits in advance. Work closely with Public Relations Coordinator and Sergeants-at-Arms for event planning. Write monthly article for chapter newsletter.

Sergeant-at-Arms (4) Positions

Be present at all chapter meetings to insure proper decorum. Attend functions to maintain order. Oversee elections to insure the integrity of the ballot box and oversee counting of ballots. Perform the function of membership advocate. Oversee financial transactions if asked to do so.

Riders Rights

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