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Rich Neb Award

Each year a member of ABATE of Illinois is honored with this award at the annual Seminar held in January

Who is Rich Neb?                                                                          

Rich “Neb” Nebelsick took the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence to heart, “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, or Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” Neb, often referred to as “just a regular guy,” owned a motorcycle shop and became a freedom fighter in the late 60s when a rider walked in complaining about the ticket he had just received. The injustice prompted Nebelsick to take on the helmet law in Illinois, investing his money, his time, and eventually mortgaging his business for something he believed in. He took his fight all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, where the helmet law was found to be unconstitutional. He gave his all for fellow riders and asked nothing in return.

What is the Rich Neb Award? 

ABATE of Illinois’ highest honor for outstanding contributions to motorcycling.


Sacrifice, Success, Sincerity, Continuity, and Organization.
  1. Contribution to motorcyclist’s rights.
  2. Commitment to motorcycling.
  3. Character (Quality person).
  4. Cooperation (Ability to work with others).
  5. Continuity (Length of service).

Not to be awarded yearly, but by merit.
Executive Board members are not eligible.
No awards will be given posthumous.


  1. A brief profile of candidate’s qualifications should be turned in
    to the State Office by December 1st.  
  2. The Executive Board will review all nominees prior to the December meeting and vote by secret ballot.
  3. Awards will be presented at the Seminar in January.
  4. The recipient will be presented a flag in a Presidential Flag Case.
  5. At a later date they will receive a flag w/certificate that was
    flown over our Nation's Capital by their respective U.S. Congressman.

The Address for the State Office is

ABATE of Illinois, PO Box 526, Avon Illinois 61415 

2023 Rich Neb Award Winner

Wayne Cornick

Piasa-Gateway Chapter


Fighting for the Rights of All Riders - ABATE of Illinois

ABATE of IL - State Office

Office: (309) 343-6588
Toll Free: (800) 87-ABATE 
 (800) 872-2283

PO Box 526
Avon, IL 61415-0526

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