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   ABATE of Illinois Executive Board Officers 2024   

State Coordinator 

Bob "Mouse" Ellinger 


Assistant State Coordinator

Scott "Scooter" Carter


Teri Smith

 Teri joined Prairieland   Chapter in 2016.  She     currently serves as the   chapter's treasurer.  Is   a member of the MRF.  


 Paul Truax

 Paul has served many   rolls with Lincolnland   chapter before joining   the Executive Board. 

Legislative Coordinator

 Josh "SKI" Witkowski

 Josh is a long time ABATE member, MSF Rider Coach, and ABATE State   Legislative Coordinator since 2018.  

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Office Manager 

Paula "Pauli" Ward

 Pauli has been ABATE   of Illinois   employee/office   manager for 35 years

Safety & Education

John "Fireball" Anderson

 John joined ABATE in   2013.  He has served   as the Safety and   Education Officer for   the Lincoln Land   Chapter for the past   several years. He is an AMA Member and MRF Member.

Public Relations Coordinator 

Chris Hansen

 Chris joined ABATE in   2012 when he moved   to the state. He is the   current President of   the DuKane Chapter ,   He's also a MRF and AMA member. 

Newsletter Coordinator 

Sonya Link

 Sonya Link- joined   ABATE IN 2015.   Currently serves as   Heart of Illinois   President and Public   Relations.  

Products Coordinator

Paulette Korte

Bike Raffle Coordinator 

Howard Nation

Activities Coordinator 

Sharilyn Kibler-Russell


Regional Coordinators

Northwest Coordinator

Bob Carroll 


Northeast Coordinator

Rich Gruner 


East Central Co-Coordinator

Rick Makowski


East Central Co-Coordinator

Todd Farthing


West Central Co-Coordinator

Mike Thompson


East Central Co-Coordinator

George Hurst


Southeast Coordinator

Robert "Bobby" Stout

Bobby has been riding motorcycles since he was young. He rode dirt bikes and raced motorcycles before riding on the street. He joined ABATE in1997 and has been a coordinator for the southeast region multiple times, He is also a member of the MRF and AMA

Southwest Coordinator

Martha Patterson

Fighting for the Rights of All Riders - ABATE of Illinois

ABATE of IL - State Office

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Toll Free: (800) 87-ABATE 
 (800) 872-2283

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Avon, IL 61415-0526

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