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Our Primary Election is March 19, 2024.

This guide has our races listed by Executive offices. Followed by Senate and House districts, which are listed by ABATE of Illinois regions. Some of these legislative districts may overlap ABATE of Illinois regions, hence may be listed in two or more regions.

We are listing by Senate district and the two corresponding Representative districts within that Senate district. We have 59 Senate districts; 118 Representative districts. We have some districts overlap regions hence may be listed more than once.

Candidate grades; All candidates who currently hold office will have (i) by their name, indicating they are the incumbent for this seat. Candidates are graded on a scale A+ to F-. Upper case grades are awarded to General Assembly members based on how they performed with ABATE of ILLINOIS issues. Candidate party codes: (d) Democrat, (r) Republican, (l). Survey based grades will appear in lower case letters, are based from survey answers only. Those graded in perfect agreement with ABATE of ILLINOIS Legislative issues, will receive the grade of “c+.” Higher grades are held for Candidates whose actions put them beyond survey responses. If a candidate is listed as “NR” this means they were “not rated.” Other words, no survey response and no knowledge or past history with ABATE of Illinois. Endorsed candidates for this General Election shall be bold and italics.

Special Endorsements: ABATE PAC endorsements of candidates in City, Township. County or Judicial races. And are listed at the end.

Note: Federal Offices are graded by ABATE of Illinois Federal Political Action Committee and are only available to ABATE of IL Members through our online newsletter section at www.abate-il.org/newsletters

See the Full Voter's Guide as printed in our newsletter here

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